Basics of corporate grooming

Every organization in any corporate world is half dependent on the employees and their attires, due to the fact that they represent the standard and value of the company. Therefore, it is very important for the workers to be well groomed and to portray a professional image with respect to the organization’s vision and mission. Corporate grooming is the process of tuning oneself according to the company’s grades by working on their external appearances and communication methods.

Grooming the communication methods of an employee involves a few key factors such as sending the right message through gestures, stance and eye contact. Facial expressions also have a strong impact on our character. One has to be very keen on his body Language to give out an excellent first impression. The reason being, our body says a lot about us and our level of confidence as we talk, stand, sit or the way we use our hands. The above mentioned attributes classify under non-verbal communication methods. Whereas, verbal communication includes writing and speaking as well.

External appearances of the employees have a major impact on the worth levels of the company. Male professionals need to wear wrinkle free shirts preferably in light colours and decent trousers. Grow a habit of shaving or trimming daily and maintaining a rational haircut. Always wear a mild perfume for a pleasant fragrance rather than a strong one. Be very careful to have your nails trimmed periodically, especially in your hands as they are often used in presentations and hand gestures.

On the other hand, female professionals need to be keener towards their attires as they get easily remarked with bad conduct. Tie your hair neatly in a ponytail and always wear minimal makeup. Maintain your finger and toe nails in shape regularly and use a nice colour paint to coat it with. Corporate grooming is not only about appearances, but also about how we carry ourselves before others in and around our corporate circles.

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