Basics of English Language

Basic English course contains syllabus for beginners to step into their first phase of English language world, where they identify objects around them in English and learn the English alphabets along with their pronunciation as well. They are also taught about numbers and basic grammar rules of English so that they can develop a sentence of their own and could survive in an English speaking environment at ease by understanding Basic English words that they might come across in their routine life in their profession and any other public places. Verb tenses are also taught using many visual aids. Greeting others and introducing themselves will be taught and candidates could learn the fundamentals by which they lay a strong foundation and try to build a strong English language communication during the course. Our spoken English classes in Pondicherry provided every student enough time to understand basics of English before starting speech practice.
At Prestige institute, Pondicherry, we have a curriculum for Basic English to feed the people who are hunger for knowledge. Since we use many methodologies on par with western education, we stand out from other English teaching institutes. Successful completion of this course will enable the students to speak confidently and make them to emerge with flying colors. They could write formal and informal letter during the course and also official reports with Basic English words which are used frequently. Materials provided during the course will help them understand the necessity of words and their usage. Since we conduct group discussion, candidates have the opportunity to learn new words from other students while they speak and enrich their knowledge.ā€¦

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