Business Communication

English has become a medium of communication in the world of business for both native and non-native speakers. Business communication is a specialized section of English learning and training. It involves vocabulary used in business communication like emails, presentations, conferences, report writing, etc. It not only helps an individual to effectively make negotiations in the business transactions but also helps inculcating good relations and morale.
One of the most important features for good business is efficient communication. Both small scale and large scale business use English to promote their products and services to local and foreign customers. It is necessary in order to convey messages ideas, information, plans and opinions between each other and their national and international customers. These days a lot of products and services are promoted digitally. This also requires succinct and efficient communication in English, because without proper communication between the organization and customers, the customer may misinterpret the information which may lead to unfavorable consequences to the organization.
Therefore its importance can never been stressed enough. Communication in business involves written and spoken English. Written communication comes in recording and reporting the happenings in the organization. Spoken communication comes in phone or face to face conversations which involves both listening and speaking. Good communication leads to good relationship with the customer which will keep them coming back again which can only give the business of the organization favorable outcomes.

Business is vitally hooked on communication everywhere. The managerial growth and performance of any business is directly proportional to the effectiveness of the communication. You know that interaction with any means is communication, so let’s understand in which way it is involved and important in business? Basically, a place where people work to provide a meaningful service to others is known as business. Let it be a small scale or medium or even large at any extends it can be considered as a company that runs a business. A business sector doesn’t need to relate themselves with the area or the property. Some people misunderstand that only a large building with hundreds of people working together with machineries is a company. But it isn’t, there are companies that earn beyond the predictions with limited number of people and sources. What matters is contribution and participation of every individual in the business network. The most essential thing is the sharing of particular information to the superior authority but not necessarily to the subordinates or the colleagues.
There are few factors that are followed to avoid any sort of conflicts in the process. Proper flow of interactions between members of the hierarchy and the subordinates is the primary focuses. Next is the flow of statistical data from higher authority to the members of lower level and vice versa in terms of feedback. To maintain the substantial improvement the concept of feedback looping in the management is very vital. Growth occurs only when every employee in the subdivisions are satisfied and provided equal importance with suitable responses. Mainly during recruitment and selection processes it is keenly noticed where the appointed person truly worth it or not, so that the right position is given to the exact person in the correct moment. Necessary training is supplied unless the person is fit to work in the environment with provided conditions. Moreover the number of persons recruited is according to the limitations because more number of levels in an origination will give a heavy work on controlling and managing.
The most important point that is all time concern is the communication gaps. For example, if organization is huge it requires specializations and professionalism to manage the members especially between the trade union and management. To attain the managerial goals companies usually have people to communicate within and outside the organization based on the rules and regulations to promote growth. Nowadays, the usage of technology is at demand everywhere. We make use of telecommunications, video conferencing, mailings and satellite communication supports to bring goodwill to the organizations. Thus involvement is everything now. To do all these it doesn’t require any man power and can be done by anyone with proper knowledge.
To bring the effectiveness in the whole process of business communication, sharing process should be maximizes. In the current trend many places where communication (written or oral) is very high are adapting friendly environment that can satisfy both the parties and great understanding. This also works well with the productivity and contributes a great success. We know that for better communication we require free flow of talk in positive manner and professionally. Being professional is mainly expected in every working surroundings. For making the stage of communication as a priority, one must learn every aspect of communicative techniques. It can be intentional or non-intentional, but the bits and pieces of information must be delivered according to the person. You must know how to present yourself to the people belonging to the different levels of the organization and out of the management as well. It is not just a monologue, the opinion, ideas and the words with respect to the tone and actions would determine the efficiency of the whole communicating process.

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