Developing reading skills & vocabulary in English

Reading is a primary and basic need to reach any subject and developing reading habit is very essential in child and in adults too.Spoken English classes may not concentrate on reading skills and vocabulry. However one has to nurture reading habits and acquire indomitable vocabulary by their own. Though we know that everyone know to read to a certain extent, but each individual have different level of reading and their own difficulties they would be trying to overcome. There are different methods to ensure that your reading will become better for instance when we read we tend to be very cautious not to make mistakes, some may read very fast. All this leads to flaws. These are basic mistakes made by any individual. When we try to read within ourselves we do be cautious at that time too but we read it in a very leisure way where we understand completely what we read and there are very few mistakes. when we read within our mind, this is not the same .when we read aloud ,we think more we try to concentrate more on not making any mistakes this sometimes leads to mispronouncing of words , we tend to skip sentences even words when we read in a fast manner that does not mean one shouldn’t read fast and aloud. In order to get rid of these habits we more likely tend to do .Whenever we read, we must practice to read without thinking mostly .We adult have these difficulties in reading can do this easily they are more familiar with words and after they succeed in reading without really concentrating on how they read; they can move on to the next step of increasing their speed of reading. Whereas, when it comes to children reading skills becomes task , as we can see many children has the difficulties in reading and this leads to problem in performance in their academy as we know that reading is a basic factor for all other things only when we understand we can learn and only when we learn to read correctly we can understand it becomes more to be linked with one another, reading is connected to all so children at these times are to be taught phonetic sounds when they begin to blend the sounds and figure out the words their reading becomes better and it is always easy to improve the reading skills in children, the progress is fast they should first become familiar with sounds and then words when they combine these two they can make their reading a more effective one.
As reading gets better, we need to develop our vocabulary skills only when we read more our vocabulary excels. New words are obtained which enables us to know more, on what we actually read because reading and learning vocabulary is a combination of process. Only when we come to know more vocabulary words become familiar and when words become familiar reading becomes easier. To learn, vocabulary is easy only when we keep it in practice with reading everyone learns in different methods so, we can learn vocabulary in that way too like, observing the new words by listening skills from a recorded audio or watching movies with the subtitles so that we know what the words that they speak in a dialogue means, reading the newspaper begin with a small articles all of these is more of a fun way to learn new words and putting them into use are also the process of learning when we speak we tend to use a word that we already familiar with try, to use the words that you recently read in a newspaper or leant from a movie in that way , the more we use the vocabulary the more we come to be familiar with new vocabulary . Developing vocabulary skills, is always learning in progress every day we keep learning new words the more we learn and practice through our daily basis we keep exceling in our vocabulary. After we , improve our reading and vocabulary skills to make our reading a more effective one to the listener we need to be more expressive on what we read how we sound when we read is a part of reading that makes your reading skills more impressive. Our spoken English classes trains students on advanced vocabulary and offer basic guidelines on reading practice. Prestige spoken English calss pays special attention to those with a weak vocabulary, helps them to memorize diificult words easily. We also develop reading skills in every student as per their requirement.

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