English Classes for Children

Language is a skill based subject. Like all skills, learning English requires regular practice. The longer you practice the more efficient the skill becomes. Therefore the best age for learning a language is during one’s childhood. English classes teach children the basics of English. It teaches them the rules of the language, their proper usage, sentence patterns, etc. so that they can perform better in other subjects.
English is the most essential language that one should develop by any means. The need for English language is increasing every single day all over the world. This universally acknowledged language has to be well cultivated and nurtured in little ones in this very competitive world where one needs to know the English language at least in a basic level. A child’s education is important and learning English is also essential since it helps the child to understand and be well learnt in other subjects as the child will have a strong foundation in grammar such as through games and activities like word puzzles, charades, spotting errors etc.  Learning grammar through activities and games will make the children eager and encourage them to acquire the language in an effective way. Learning spelling is a challenge for most of the children who are not taught the phonic sounds. It becomes difficult for them, sounds is to be taught to children for various reasons that would help them in their spellings and pronunciation which will guide them in their reading and writing as well. Sounds can be learnt by listening to a recorded audio, by watching animated movies from which new words, dialogues, the intonations and the way they speak can be observed so that all these can be well understood and be practiced by the children.
         The next important level is to learn vocabulary after mastering the spelling, pronunciation and grammar. Vocabulary is to be gained as a regular process, there are much easier ways to complete this task, if children look at this task as a challenge because learning vocabulary is quite a challenge. For instance, they can begin to read short stories and develop the habit of reading comics and novels as they proceed in years. It is not only just about the reading but finding new words and using it. The challenge is to practice it in their daily lives as a routine process. This kind of regular exercise of using the words while they speak will enrich them to improve in not only their vocabulary but also their pronunciation level will develop.
           Thus, acquiring English language will have an effective significance which will reflect on their future as they can shine as young adults in their careers and whatever profession they are willing to step into and it will help them to achieve in their career all around the globe.In our spoken English Classes, we pay special attention to kids so that they grasp the grammar and vocabulary and learn easily

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