IELTS listening - Multiple choice type questions

Candidates usually read the question, underline the keywords and wait for the keywords to hear the answers but multiple choice questions does not work that way. The candidate should understand the conversation which comes from usually three or four speakers and then try to answer the questions. And another challenge here which the candidate has to face is, the speaker will discuss all the three options and then later will confirm an option which tends to be the correct one. So the candidate cannot circle the option by merely hearing the keyword alone, therefore they should develop the ability to understand the transcript and also to clearly differentiate the voice and accent of different speakers. Mostly three to four options will be provided for this type of question and it will in section three alone.
Candidates must use the time provided before the transcript starts and read the questions and be prepared of what to expect from the transcript and could also guess what will be the content and topic of the transcript. They can also underling the keywords and make use of them to guide them during the audio transcript and so that they might not miss any question. Finally, we should also check for any spelling errors and since small font might hinder in representing the correct spelling to the examiner, capital font can be writing throughout the listening. At prestige institute, IELTS coaching classes are conducted on regular basis for the above strategies, so that the candidate can score band 9 in these types of questions.


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