IELTS Speaking

IELTS speaking exam takes place separately on a day and not along with other modules; and the total duration will be from twelve to fifteen minutes. The speaking is divided into three parts. First parts will have 8 questions, where questions will be posed regarding two topics with four questions under each topic. This part will be from general topic like family, friends and even mirrors too. It is advised that each question should be answered for twenty seconds at the least to avoid the number of questions in this section getting increased as the examiner has to keep you engaged till four or five minutes.
Section 2 is for two to three minutes, where a cue card mentioned with a topic and four related questions are given to you along with a pencil and paper in which you can make notes for one minute time and has to give a talk for two minutes from the notes you make. This section will be completed after a couple of questions related to the topic. Then finally section three where 6 questions will be asked for four to five minutes from the topic you had in section two. The answers should be an extended one using linking words and for thirty seconds duration at the least. All the three sections are score under four criteria such as oral fluency, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary with each having equal weightage of marks. To find out more details and tips and tricks for scoring band 9, attend the IELTS speaking classes at Prestige institute.


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