IELTS Writing task two

IELTS writing task two is for forty minutes and the words should be a minimum of 250, the candidates are advised to write a minimum of 270 words though. Here the candidate will be given a topic asking whether the candidate agree or disagree to it; else advantages and disadvantages of it, else causes – problems – solutions for it. This task contains more marks thank task one, so it is advised for the students to start this first and then followed by task 1 writing. Paraphrasing skills, spelling and development of simple, compound and complex structures in the essay will be assessed. Introduction along with two to three body parts can be written; in addition to that conclusion with our opinion is mandatory at the end of the essay whereas no new points should be added.

At Prestige institute, we will provide many tips and tricks to achieve a band of 9 in this module with various practice tests and feedback. We strongly advice the students to avoid starting the report directly, instead can do the brainstorming part for ten minutes at the least and then write the essay for thirty minutes. Essay question will be as follows: Some people say that E- books and modern technology will totally replace traditional newspaper and magazines to what extent do you agree or disagree. The whole essay will be scored under four criteria such as task response, pronunciation, coherence as well as cohesion and finally vocabulary with each having equal weightage of marks.


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