French grammar

French is one of the most popular languages as it is spoken by millions of people.Speaking of the significance of French it is the official language of 29 countries and it is spoken in france ,Canada,Belgium,Switzerland, and Luxembourg . The influence of French language is strongest in these countries . However fortunately for those fluent in English and those who have decided to learn French the language shares many grammatical features .Speaking of which English has been historically influenced by French. Those who initially learn French feel relieved when they discover that the French alphabets are more identical to the English alphabet
French grammar is also relatively easy to learn fpr English speakers due to both languages having a general format of a verb preceded by a subject and finishing a sentence with an object. For instance je vais a la hotel means I am going to the hotel or restaurant in English. French and English have hundreds of words which look alike and are also pronounced the same way. Many of the sounds and accents in French language are also the same however there are plenty of similarities like silent letters and unexpected sounds . while speaking of the complications on learning a new language is the usage of gendered nouns . for example the usage of masculine and feminine in French . However some words don’t seem to follow the rules that we set on grammar usage in such cases memorizing them is going to be the key in solving this problem .
Initially on learning French grammar the primary task is understanding the differences and to know why they are different by doing this you can easily understand and predict the sounds and spellings . however getting the grammatical rhythm is the key to success in learning French grammar . in order to succeed in learning grammar we have to learn some rules that might be different from the ones in our native language. There are several parts which play an important role in forming a sentence which free from grammatical errors . These factors include tenses, nouns, articles , adjectives ,prepositions ,verbs ,pronouns and adverbs . These factors help in forming a complete structural sentence . All these above terms might look similar to us if we know English grammar so in general knowing English language can make the learning of French grammar easier .

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