Resemblance between Hindi and French

French, English and Hindi belong to the same family, called the Indo European languages . The Indo-European languages are group of several hundred related languages not only from India but also from Europe, Iran and South Asia.
This group includes the world largest number of speakers and they are more than a billion. This larger group shares some similarity among the languages in pronunciation and grammar even though the scripts are different. Some of the Historically originated languages of this group are Sanskrit, Greek and Latin. Many languages across India, Europe, and South Asia originated from these three languages that include Hindi, English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, and so on. Hence there tends to be some similarities between the two languages in some aspects . Here are some similarities that occurs between the languages . Taking into account the placement of the direct object complement pronouns , they're placed before the verb in both Hindi and French, unlike English where it's placed after the verb. Another similarity is the fact that almost everything tends to have a gender like the differentiation of masculine and feminine in both French and Hindi and the verbs or adjectives have to be conjugated accordingly for example the use of (je,tu,il,elle,nous,vous,ils,elles) . You do find certain similarities but I'd say structure wise both they languages seem to be totally different from each other.
However the similarities between the languages is very few when compared to the differences . This is because of the evolution that completely transformed the languages in the past years . Hundreds of laws were operating in the evolution of Latin into French. The most essential of them is the subduring of the short vowels before and of all vowels after the stressed vowel; this resulted, in the formation of consonants that were subsequently simplified and this led to great changes in the phonetics of words as compared to their parental forms as well as to cognates(these are words that are similar in spelling but different in pronunciation) in the other Romanian languages . The present day French pronunciation the words consists predominantly of open syllables (these are words ending in vowels).
On the other hand , Hindi is a member of the Indo-Aryan group within the Indo European language family . It is the preferred official language of India, although English and the other languages are well recognized in India as well as given more importance. In India, Hindi is spoken as a first language by nearly 40 crore people and as a second language by some 12crore and more. Hindi has borrowed a number of prefixes and suffixes from the Persian languages that, when combining with other substitutes , have created new words. Similarly, the process of assimilation with English has produced a large number of titulars, in which the base word is English and the suffix is quintessentially Hindi. However on the whole , Hindi and french might be of the same origin but because of their evolution they have completely changed into two different languages .

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