Origin of Hindi

Let us know what are the interesting points and information that are related to the language. First and foremost outlook that every individual must know is that, the language Hindi is the third widely spoken language in the world! Have you ever thought what makes these languages (such as English and Hindi) are the universally used and far and wide accepted by all? The answer is its quality of lenience. The words, its meanings and the conversions or translations are so easy that within very less time, anyone can learn these languages. They are less confusing when learnt and applied in reality. The message can be conveyed to others and convinced using limited wordings. In short period of time, you can manage with few translations.

Coming to the history part, Hindi is the colloquial form of Sanskrit language. One of the oldest languages after Tamil is Sanskrit, which has been used since ages. Only because, Hindi was the commonly used language found by the other countries and northern part of India, the name was and is kept Hindustan and is considered as one of the 22 official languages. Later, the Sanskrit form was filtered and modified as days went by and mixed with other types of languages. Most of the words are similar such as, for name – ‘naam’ and deeds – ‘karm’. Rest of the words have originated or been borrowed for example, sun in Sanskrit is ‘surya’ which is used as ‘suraj’ in Hindi.

People learn Hindi because, once learned it can be used everywhere. How is this possible? As mentioned, other languages especially Urdu (in general which is a Perso – Arabic form), Persian and Arabic contribute majority words in Hindi. From this itself we can estimate that millions of people all over the world are used to Hindi. The difference is in the direction of writing that is, Hindi is written from left to right and Arabic language is written from right to left. Today, both the languages (Hindi and Urdu) are registered and known as the same language. Even though spoken Hindi classes has no need to concentrate on history, it is nice to know the origin of any particular language being learnt.

In fact, it is actually a very good thing that a language can bind people easily and effortlessly. Mostly people when they speak the other language they probably can’t adapt the slang. That means they speak in a different way that matches their native language. Thus these languages are given special importance as acquiring the slang or not it makes no difference. Still it is understandable and convenient. This is the only reason people opted it.

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