IELTS classes in Pondicherry

IELTS group study

It is important for a candidate to have a team for preparing IELTS instead of having individual class sessions with the IELTS tutor as if they are in a group, there are greater advantages for them to score high marks in the IELTS exam. Firstly, during the brain storming sessions, it will be very helpful for all the students if they are in a group as each of them will deliver a valid point and it will be useful for others to note it down and develop one.

Last minute preparation for IELTS exam

At the waiting hall of the exam, candidates will have almost one hour time duration before entering the exam hall as it is mandatory for them to have their presence there in order to avoid late arrival and also come across any unnecessary tensions as many students forget to bring their Id proof such as passport which is essential to attend the exam.

Retaking IELTS

Candidates have to retake IELTS at times if they could not achieve their intended band score due to various reasons, for which they have to prepare for IELTS exam again and boost their score by improving their skills further towards the level of their required score band. This is due to the fact that some universities expect very high band score from the candidates as they provide admission only for the candidates who are having high potential. And for some courses too, the universities seek high band score of even more than band 8 in all modules.

Applying to universities with IELTS score card

Candidates after receiving their score card have to submit the mark sheet to the universities with which they seek admission. If they are aware earlier while applying for the IELTS exam, they can even enter the university details as the IELTS organization will directly sent the original result transcripts even to the universities while they send them to you after you have successfully completed the IELTS exam. Candidates at times find difficulty while applying because they will not be properly guided in this process and they will be unaware of the initiation process.

Why do you need IELTS ?

Universities in western countries has to ensure the candidate they provide admission for the courses at their educational institute, should have the ability to understand English during the lectures as all the Professors and tutors will be from native English speaking countries and eventually they lectures will be in English alone; in addition to that, they also should be capable of having good writing skills in English language as there will be many assignments which are to be submitted along with some thesis and dissertation while they submit their project.

Equipment needed for IELTS practice

Candidates who intended to practice at home or undergo online training at any institute, they need to sophisticated equipment to practice as they need fast internet to have a clear voice and image transfer including IELTS materials. Tutors will conduct speaking module through internet, and at the time the network should be uninterruptible, and should be fast else time will be wasted on both sides.


Becoming an IELTS tutor does not merely depend on the IELTS score of a person as more nuances, tips and teaching method of IELTS should be well versed to them. They also should have patience in making the students understand the modules and clarify their doubts then and there without hesitation. Further they also should be experienced in handling the students and make the class well organized and interesting as if the candidates feel bored, they will not be attentive and this will in turn lead to scoring less band than they are capable of.

IELTS Classroom

A Prestige institute, a separate classroom is dedicated completely for IELTS coaching classes as it needs state of art sophisticated computerised tools which will provide the students with an ambience to study and also feel the exact IELTS environment during the mock tests they attend at this institute.

Improving IELTS reading

Candidates who take the IELTS exam always have a perception that reading module is the toughest of all the four modules which is just an illusion as our candidates felt reading module as an easy one to score band 9. Reading module is usually practiced with the IELTS materials alone by the candidates and by various other institutes; this is where we stand unique. We generally provide students with many articles in English transcripts and make them read then later skim, and finally guess the meaning of some vocabulary for which they find hard to seek the meaning.

IELTS examiners

Candidates mostly think of whether the assessments of the writing and speaking transcripts are carried out in a genuine manner as some score a less band even after continuous hard works and some score more after less effort which leads to a thinking on the authenticity of the examiners` skill. Becoming an IELTS examiner is a very difficult process and involves various skills being assessed and even the eligibility criteria is set for a degree holder and with teaching experience.

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