Advantages and difficulties of online IELTS training

There are more advantages and challenges faced by the candidates during the online training sessions of IELTS. Since the candidate need not travel from far places and avoid the travel time, money spent on it, they mostly opt for online coaching. Candidates’ especially during this pandemic time feel that it will be safest on their side if they don’t attend classes where there is a huge gathering and following which they intend to maintain social distancing. On the other side they also never want to miss the opportunity of getting trained up by a reputed IELTS institute like Prestige IELTS coaching centre in Pondicherry. To achieve both, they prefer to enroll with online training classes provided by Prestige Institute as they will have an excellent tutor who can make them give confidence by having one to one session.

Looking into the other part of the coin, there are some challenges the candidates have to face while they attend the online classes. First of all they have to have an uninterruptable power supply for their laptop or computer so that they don’t miss the time allotted for them, then regarding the network, the internet should be of a moderate speed so that documents sent by the tutor and the video of the tutor will be received at the candidate`s end without any interruption. The audio and microphone quality are to be excellent so that the doubts raised by the candidate to the tutor can be explained well. Finally, the candidate should be located in a room where no disturbances from outside disturbs them throughout the session.




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