Applying to universities with IELTS score card

Candidates after receiving their score card have to submit the mark sheet to the universities with which they seek admission. If they are aware earlier while applying for the IELTS exam, they can even enter the university details as the IELTS organization will directly sent the original result transcripts even to the universities while they send them to you after you have successfully completed the IELTS exam. Candidates at times find difficulty while applying because they will not be properly guided in this process and they will be unaware of the initiation process. Because sometimes even the scanned copy of the results will be accepted by the candidate and some universities will demand hardcopies of them and for which the candidates has to photocopy the result and send them.
At prestige institute guidance for these will be done even while applying for the IELTS exam as some candidates prefers to enter the detail during the time of applying. Since universities demand high band score for few courses, the candidates since would not have confidence on their result, might not be willing to enter the details, so for them, they can wait till they receive the result in hard copy and then either scan them or email them to the university email address or courier to them. But if the universities demand original transcripts, it is mandatory that they should request IELTS organisation for this procedure as we will have only one transcript which should be kept safe with us and will not get one if it has been lost.


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