Basic of English grammar - Tenses

Practicing tenses in English should be done to be fluent in speaking and efficient in writing as they stand as a backbone in framing a sentence and providing the intended meaning to the sentence. Twelve tenses are commonly used while developing a sentence depending on whether it the action occurred in the past , present or in the future and also whether the action is continuous or yet to start or have been ended. Verbs usually can be used in three forms such as past present and future. Past is used for the action which happened some time before till long back. Considering the present, the actions that happen now or whether they are continuous and they are habitual or regular. The last being the future, the actions are about to happen sometime later or may be after a long time now.
Out of the past, present and future; continuous, perfect, continuous and combination of perfect and continuous called as perfect continuous tenses are used. Perfect for the actions which have been completed at a point in past, present or future whereas continuous tenses are used for the actions that are continuing for a period of time in past, present or future. These perfect and continuous are sometimes referred as aspects of tenses. At Prestige institute, we have developed practice tests to learn the tenses usage; these tests will be highly advantageous for those who are beginners in learning English and intermediate in learning English as well. Therefore, attending verb classes, will help you in making yourself proficient and competent as well in English.

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