Brainstorming in IELTS

Candidates need brainstorming skills while taking IELTS exam, particularly for the writing and speaking module. Speaking needs this type of skill in part 2 of the module as it is where a topic will be given with one minute time duration for preparation. After one minute, the candidate has to speak for two minutes continuously with respective to the topic. During the one minute preparation time, the candidate should make use of it to the full extent by thinking of the topic and generating more points else he will be running out of points during the two minute speech. Candidates of this Prestige IELTS institute who score band 7 or more has said that they generated more than eight points during that one minute preparation time.
For writing task 1, the candidate has to spend first five minutes in the brainstorming part; if it is general writing task 1, they have to think about the content of the letter and what are all the reasons they needed to include and how all realistic they can make the letter, whereas if it is academic, the candidate should think of how to organize the report and from which point of the image, they have to start and what are the key features, they can identify. Considering writing task 2, the candidates should think of different vocabulary and different sentence structure for introduction line and so on. At Prestige institute, training for these practices are given frequently to the students through mangy games and practice sessions, so that they will be able to score more than band 7 in IELTS.


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