Conclusion paragraph for the IELTS writing essay

Conclusion is the last paragraph of the writing task-two essay, for candidates who sit for both general and academic. Therefore it is mandatory to have a conclusion as a part of your writing task, if not included, the examiner will provide you less marks and the band score won’t be more than four. There is a strategy to write conclusion which is to be followed and an important rule is that the conclusion should never have any news points which were not discussed in the supporting paragraphs of the essay. Other rule is, it can have a minimum of two sentences and a maximum of three sentences but all of which should have linking words to make it as well coordinated and inter linked.
First sentence of the conclusion should be a summary of the whole essay especially from the supporting paragraphs and to start it, linking phrases such as: on overall, to summarize, in a nutshell could be used as it will make the examiner understand that it is a summary line. The second sentence can be of your opinion if asked but it should not be similar to the opinion given in the introduction paragraphs in terms of sentence structure, a difference should be there, for this different vocabulary too can be incorporated. Finally the last sentence can be of a suggestion or else a prediction on how the situation related to that essay will be in future. For conclusion alone, a special class is dedicated during the coaching classes of Prestige institute.


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