Corporate Training

Presenting oneself is vital for the success in any field. In today’s world it is all about the way we express our ideas and thoughts with the most efficiency in the corporate world. Corporate training aids professionals to learn how to present themselves in a way that marks their place in their workplace.

There is a lot of testing procedure involved in this training process. Starting from the selection process, companies will have their own way of recruiting people. Some choose to have several stages during placement such as group discussion, extempore, written test, HR round or stress test and interview processes. These stages are limited according to the vacancies, time and number of persons participating. All these levels of selection are otherwise known as filtering process to select the qualified person from the population. Sometimes they prefer to know how strong you are in your English as they also focus on the communicative sections such as project discussion, presentations and group meetings. This is just not to examine the knowledge and the other performing stuffs through conducting aptitude and attitude check but also a mild sample reference for the company to provide the necessary training further after selection. They perhaps note the other personality factors along with the subject knowledge and skill. Based on these factors, reputed companies assign the appropriate in-charges and the period of training. English plays an inevitable role in corporate training. This is the reason spoken English classes become part of corporate training in many reputed organization.


 What actually happens in the course of training? Corporate companies such as in software field, assign minimum of three to six months’ time to build a strong knowledge on core subjects. Moreover they allow people to join on the further company projects and working area only after the candidate has proved himself or herself in the training section. They might keep several examinations to qualify a candidate to become a part of the company. On the other companies where subject knowledge is mainly concentrated will also work in the same manner. Some companies that only give importance on the subjects may not give preferences to the English communication as it is somewhat secondly. This is a great advantage to shine with a technical mind. Rather than this, most of the reputed organizations appoint the qualified persons only after they have filled and agreed the contract or band form for minimum of one year. This is not an easy agreement because if you break this bond, you will have to repay some amount as stated in that. This bond letter also includes the training portion, which means clearing the stage becomes too important.


There are other platforms for employment and they are the BPOs (Business Progressing Organizations). The work involved in it is mainly voice and non-voice tele-calling services. Needless to say communication language is here mostly English as the employee deals with clients abroad in USA , Australia or Britain. These are the next top most vacancies provided after software technologies are BPOs du to the high range of growing services or its demand in every single information transmission. Customarily, these companies select people in the bases of their communicative skills or soft skills and allot them for oral or written form of communication. The period of working itself is the training. They guide and provide necessary information while handling the customers. Otherwise, there is limited training and no much contractual agreements. For the higher officials there will be a check on their skills to run the firm, prepare documents and handle the candidates. To become a professional in these areas, you need to have a lot of patience to achieve with much more compassion. You cannot expect any much favors when you start working in such environments. Comparing to the other technical companies, the recruiting process are purely non-technical and communicative basis. If you are strong enough in your English language communication (widely expected language) and passionate, it is sure that you can also make many differences. There are surly many people who have achieved great heights. They too start with the lower position and through their interest and communication talents progress on to the next level.


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