Direct & Indirect Speech

Change the direct speech to indirect speech
1. Anita said, “I don’t have a car.”
[ Ans: Anita told that she didn’t have a car”]
2. Ben said, “She meets her friends every Friday night in the night club.”
Ben told that she meets her friends every Friday in the night club
3. Rooyah said, “We like living in Pondicherry.”
4. Mother told me, “Priya is reading in the garden.”
5. He said, “I am not living in Mysore anymore.”
6. They said, “We haven’t seen Harry Potter yet.”
7. Mr. Flick says, “Mr. Black has escaped.”
8. Mia said, “I have been sick all month.”
9. Ginny said, “I ate all the chocolates.”
10. Manick told me, “I had finished all of my assignments.”
11. Latha said, “She was dancing with me.”
12. Therese told Risa, “We were going to talk to him.”
13. Jane said, “ We lived in Chennai for ten years.”
14. Mary said, “I will do my homework.”
15. Pradeep asked, “Will we go to the theatre tomorrow?”
16. Rina said, “Ram will definitely come.”
17. Jenny said, “He will cook dinner.”
18. Sasha told Ria, “I will win the competition.”
Change the indirect speech to direct speech:
1. She requested me to let her use my phone.
Ans: She asked me” May I use your phone”
2. James told me not to eat too much.
James said to me” Don’t eat too much”
3. He told me not to believe in fairy tales.
4. Lily asked me what we had been doing for so long.
5. They advised me not to go out at night.
6. He said he will not be doing anything tomorrow.
7. The teacher ordered her students to be silent.
8. Nina asked me if I have had breakfast
9. Thomas says that we are going to Chennai in a week.
10. They said they had not seen Preethi.
11. Dad said that he will eat out.
12. She said she likes living outside the city.
13. Margo said she missed her parents.
14. The spider invited the fly to come into her parlor.
15. The general commanded his soldiers to pay attention.

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