English classes for children

Children now a days, do not learn English, they practice speaking English literally from the practical environment around them such as watching English movies, listening English albums, going through kid`s book where the things are mentioned in English and usage of them as well. These methodologies makes them a quick learner as they do not read English books for studying and spend specific allocated time for these tasks. Investment is the word which can be termed for educating your children as now a days, career prospectus of a job hunting candidate is high only for those who are well versed in English. So admission of children to English classes is vital for the success of their future and academics as the latter contains transcripts completely written in English.
English classes at Prestige Institute does not start with basics, instead, we go through all the aspects simultaneously by teaching grammar and phrases through stories, play activates and games thereby making them understand the English classes easily. Since these parts of English are being taught in childhood, children develop not only their grammar skills but also pronunciation similar to a native speaker. Many play activities which tends to improve English knowledge have been designed by experts of our institute, so as to be in par with those being developed in western countries at elementary school to primary school level. Since they study here in a group, many group activates helps them to understand how to use English in their day to day life.


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