English Tuitions

English tuitions tutors children on the basics of English. It teaches them the rules of the language, their proper usage, sentence patterns, etc. Tutors mainly focus on filling the learning gaps in the students’ learning through practice on listening, speaking, reading and writing.

English Tuition

                    Most of us are aware of the importance of the English language in all the fields. English was introduced to Indians by the English during the British rule in India. The framework of the education system that we follow today was also framed by the British. Many schools were set up by the English and the Christian missionaries where all subjects were taught in English. Since we follow the same system with English as a medium of instruction in the classroom, we need to make sure that our students have a clear, adequate and practical knowledge in the language.

                 Our schools today do not have the time to pay individual attention to its students in each class as the strength of each class has gone up to around 60. Due to this lack of attention most students are being passed on to the next grade with inadequate knowledge, a gap, in using the language and the teachers of the higher grades do not have the time to provide the necessary help the students need to close the gap as their main focus is to ensure the students score high in subjects like science and math. One of the main problems that plague students is their inability to understand the content of the lesson, questions and communicate the answers correctly in English. This has become a huge problem in many schools in India and follows them even in college and work places.

              Apart from spoken English classes for children courses offered by Prestige language Institute addresses students’ problems in grammar, vocabulary, communication and presentation according to the level and requirement of the students with continuous skill training, monitoring and customized worksheets by well trained and experienced teachers.               



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