How to score band 9 in IELTS listening ?

Achieving band 9 in listening needs more practice and also overcoming the challenges listed below. There are many challenges, the first being the accent which can be British or Australian or American accents. The pace of the audio plays a vital role as it will be increasing throughout the four sections and the candidate should able to follow the words as there may be more than two speakers in section three in particular. Third, there might be distractors during the listening test especially when numbers are mentioned as they may give the wrong one first followed by the right one. Since you have to listen and at the same time have to write all the answers, practising this daily with listening tests, will guide you to score band nine.
Instructions are provided at the start of each section, like: two words or a number or a number alone, therefore if you hear a number of a year, it should be clearly mentioned as 1992 and not in words. Utilise the 30 sec time period before the start of the audio transcript to plan and to go through the questions and if it is a map, check the directions. Learn to attend different types of questions and also to use the answer sheet. Use capital font to write in the answer sheet as it may not lead to confusion for the examiner. Coaching classes for practicing the above and challenges to be faced for scoring band 9 are given at Prestige institute.


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