How to speak English fluently

Speaking English fluently is not a herculean task as many feel. Once we have obtained good vocabulary and having knowledge of sentence formation in every tense as it requires, we need to start to speak English in a well versed manner. The major stumbling block to speak English fluently is the hesitation and reclusive nature of the speaker. So please first get rid of your shy and follow the below steps to speak English fluently. Believe in yourself and you also can speak English fluently like everyone!

Intellectual preparation

Most of the time before the talk, we all are made aware of the opportunity. This happens wherever we go at any stage of our life like in school, higher education, interviews and professions. Once we know that we have to give a speech, all time recommendation is to start preparing mentally first than taking it for granted. Staying calm and stable is so essential factor, because only this state of mind can generate new and logical thoughts easily. Motivate by believing yourself. Keep your voice strong, bold and loud. This would give a fearless and confident presentation. Everyone who join in spoken English classes wish to speak English fluently which seems to be illogical at some point. Everyone needs their own time to achieve this as per their grasping power. Prestige spoken English classes will make you to speak fluently eventhough you are an average speaker at time of joining.
While Practicing
In case, if have enough time to prepare for the task such as meeting, discussion and speech, some early practicing will help you to get desired result. The most common practices are speak to yourself then in front of the mirror and then simultaneously start learning an English word from newspaper a day. Don’t worry about the grammar. No wonder that even the native speakers of English makes grammar mistakes often! Many a times while speaking, confidence itself creates a lot of differences. Practice talking with someone close to you or with whom you can converse easily; by this you would know your optimum language.
During the chance
A foremost tip is to open your ears and listen carefully with a pleasant expression with eye contact. Eye contact is very significant because it states respect and a silent reply of listening or paying attention. Speak clearly and loudly with a flow without any tussle and stay aware of your facial expressions. If possible try to mark a positive and unforgettable conversation. On practicing the above ideas for few times, you will find yourself getting easy and more fluent.
Additional tips
Some points that can be practiced anytime according to the situation are:
Repeat watching and hearing the same speech or song. Probably, try to say the words understood along with it.
Record your speech. This will offer improvement and self-control.
Read texts loudly and entirely. You will know-how reduce fear.
Practice with small groups. It will push you to fasten your replying or answering ability.

Speed thinking
For this, you can consult some experts or people who are good in it. Thinking ability purely depends upon the knowledge gathered on a subject and few steps of practicing. A pressured mind can only generate few resolutions. State of mind is the tutor here. Gather information on a subject from books or surfing internet. Convert the thoughts into words as fast as possible and choose alternative points of view. Otherwise, there are many learning courses available, which can also serve a lot of help.
Speak clearly
Drive your words simple and energetically. Change the speech frequency by stressing the words or the phrase. Stay cool and deliver the message correctly. You can slow down after some time and confirm whether they understood your point. Grab the opportunity of public speaking. For this, you can also join a club for public speaking. In simple words, it is a training to concentrate on the tongue. Appropriate replying is must for keeping the conversation on the track for long time. Thus, focus on speech and don’t bother about grammar and nervousness. Our spoken English classes in Pondicherry will surely help you to get rid of your hesitation and make you to speak fluently as soon as possible.

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