How to speak in in English confidently

Speaking confidently needs more practice and training, for which, attending the classes regularly will be of a great help. Fluent in speaking English will develop only if we have the confidence in doing so which in turn will be the result of studying at a reputed institute like Prestige. Prestige Language Institute, Pondicherry recommends the following strategies to follow in achieving English fluency, such as: Start practice by listening to English transcripts, by observing their pronunciation and try to repeat the sentences by imitating them. This will help you understand how every words are pronounced, their syllables and accent as well. You can even use pod casts for these kinds of practices. Speak English as much as possible among your family members or to the persons whom you meet regularly, even if you commit mistakes, you should be least bothered about it.
Believe in yourself as self-motivation stands first in speaking English confidently. Try to imagine yourself as an English speaker instead of considering yourself as a student or a learner. It`s not mandatory to give importance to grammar while you speak as for speaking is concerned, the oral fluency is more important than grammar as even the native English speakers lack grammar in English usage. Speaking in front of mirror and practicing will boost your confidence. Always have a dictionary along with you to understand new words and also a notepad to note down any new words you hear, for which, you can check the meaning later. By all the above methodology, you can speak English confidently at any situation you are.…

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