How to write English effectively?

The importance of effective writing can be sorted in many ways. There are many different ways to present our writing style .It depends on the topic, the concept of what we write about. As communication comes by in practice, the art of writing too. The basic knowledge to write is to know how to construct a sentence in a proper grammatical structural form. Writing is very essential. Without the art of writing there wouldn’t be books to be read and novels to be enjoyed by people. To start an effective writing we must be sure to know what we are going to write, this method is used when we start to develop our writing when we begin to write we should first concentrate on constructing meaningful sentences, grammar and then vocabulary that can be used in their writing which will present their writing in an effective manner.Prestige spoken English classes will help you to sharpen your creative writing skills in an effective way.
When it comes to the style of writing it differs from people to people as such when we are going to write a formal letter it is always the structure of the letter and the body of the letter is what is important. But when it comes to informal letter we convey our emotions and feelings through our writing. We tend to play with words and the way we combine them to deliver our message in an informal letter. “Words are a lens to focus on one’s mind”- Ayn Rand . There are other kinds of writings such as creative writing that relates to writing novels, poetry and articles etc. In all of these, creativity is the basic and the most essential factor to make the writing an authentic one .Overwhelming of words, phrases helps to link between the reader and mind of the writer is also delivered it is more like we enter into the mind of someone else, in order to obtain this we need to practice and to explore words one should read more to use them prominently in their writing to make it a creatively effective one.
This skill of writing can be cultivated, by putting it into use that is by practicing. Usually we have opinions about everything each individual’s mind is collected with thoughts, memories both positive thoughts and negative ones as we can say when it comes to opinions it means an appreciation or a criticism it depends on each one’s presumption .
For instance when we look at a flower, we would use the words like beautiful, pretty a lot of adjectives to describe the flower to express what we think about that particular flower .Similarly we have it for each and everything. For example, when we read a book, after watching a film we have our own appreciation and criticism about the movie we watched or a novel that we read. Sometimes a person’s opinion will be similar to another but the way they put it would be different. This can be used in writing rather than speaking about our opinions .When we write we do not hesitate since we do not have any interruption to deny our point while we write so our creativeness overflows more comfortably while we write our thoughts about anything. So, thus all these can be put to use through writing if one wants to excel in their writing skills one should begin to write in order to cultivate your writing skills. An effective writing comes when you are strong with words and your appreciation about something describing its merits and demerits, your sentence structure and above all one should have a strong thought, a definite one if an individual wants his writing to be unique.

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