IELTS exam questions

Setting an IELTS question paper needs a formula and a methodology which should be strictly adhered to, whereas many IELTS question booklet available online does not follow these procedures. Listening test modules should have increasing order of difficulty which is similar for reading as well and both these modules should not start from difficulty level. Section of the former should have two or more speakers in first and second whereas only one speaker should be in the transcripts of the sessions two and four. Considering the reading module, the number of words in the passages of each section should be followed as per the guidelines set by the IELTS examination team and the number of sections should be three and not more or less than the prescribed number.
Speaking test should have questions of around six minimum in the first part and two questions at the end of second part and finally again six questions at the end of third part. The time duration of speaking also to be adhered as it should be completed within 12-14 minutes and should not be extended more than that specified duration. At Prestige institute, tutors create additional question papers along with the authenticated test materials to help students cope with the exam thereby scoring more than band 8 in all the modules the sit for. Students who enroll for the course here, have to attend as much as test possible for them or till they have confidence in scoring band 9 overall at the IELTS main exams.


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