IELTS practice materials

IELTS has published many practice materials for the candidates who wish to sit for the exam, which are available both in electronic form or paper form. These materials constitutes of both practice materials and exam question papers as well. In addition, they also provide online practice materials through their website which will open until or unless the candidates register and pays the full amount for IELTS exam. These materials will develop the student’s ability to score more than band 9 in all the modules but they should try completing all the materials or as much as they could before they sit for the exam. Because these materials also contain few tests which are repeated for the main IELTS exams in the past few years.
At Prestige institute, all these books are available as both paper-based and in electronic version which the students copy them in their pen drive and try practicing at their homes. They later bring the answer sheets to the institute for being assessed by the IELTS tutors who evaluate them using the similar method as the IELTS examiners do. This in turn will not only make the candidates aware of their stand in the scoring, but also will be helpful for them to understand where they needed improvement and they work on it by discussing with the tutors at Prestige institute. These materials both academic and general are available for free of cost for practicing for the students who enroll to the IELTS program at this prestigious Prestige institute.


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