IELTS score requirement

IELTS has become mandatory for the candidates who wish to enroll for their under graduation and post graduations studies at reputed universities in western countries. These universities demand high caliber students who are excellent in English speaking and therefore make the eligibility criteria above band seven overall. Few universities like Oxford demand a score of band 8 for few courses in all the four modules of the IELTS. Therefore candidates has to check for the eligibility score with their respective universities and also the eligibility score for their required course as this can be set as a target for them while preparing for the exam. The guidance for the above can be sought with our tutors at Prestige Institute during the free demo class held here.
On the other hand, Candidates who apply for permanent residency for various countries and those who try for work permit, needs a score of more than band eight in all modules so that the visa will be processed within a span of six months and those who receive a score of above seven will have their visas processed for more than a year, therefore the band of eight in all modules is always recommended. Since the English proficiency plays a vital role in PR score points of Canada, Australia and United Kingdom, Prestige institute helps the candidate for achieving band 8.


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