Improving IELTS reading

Candidates who take the IELTS exam always have a perception that reading module is the toughest of all the four modules which is just an illusion as our candidates felt reading module as an easy one to score band 9. Reading module is usually practiced with the IELTS materials alone by the candidates and by various other institutes; this is where we stand unique. We generally provide students with many articles in English transcripts and make them read then later skim, and finally guess the meaning of some vocabulary for which they find hard to seek the meaning. By these methodology, candidates improve their reading skills in fast pace. We do follow many games for improving their vocabulary by having regular and dedicated sessions for vocabulary building alone.
At prestige institute, the IELTS tutor train the candidates for the skill of skimming by providing them an article with limited time to skim and explain them in their own words. This kind of training has been followed in western countries for their advanced English course syllabus; therefore candidates welcome it and enjoy it while getting practiced. Reading module usually has passages from educational book for academic module and articles regarding workforce for general module. In addition to that candidates are also taught to skim horizontally, vertically too for searching the keywords which they identify from the questions. This will in turn limit their time in completing the reading module within the stipulated time and also will leave with five minutes for checking the answers


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