Last minute preparation for IELTS exam

At the waiting hall of the exam, candidates will have almost one hour time duration before entering the exam hall as it is mandatory for them to have their presence there in order to avoid late arrival and also come across any unnecessary tensions as many students forget to bring their Id proof such as passport which is essential to attend the exam. So before starting from home, it is highly recommended to check for it else during the waiting time at the hall, check for the necessary documents, if any missing, you can travel or request someone to bring them for you to the IELTS examination centre. You can also confirm your presence by the biometric scan and get an acknowledgement for keeping your luggage at the intended places.

In addition to the above, candidates can also prepare for the exam, if it is speaking test, they have to go for registering their biometric and also capturing their picture so it is advised to be at the examination centre thirty minutes ahead of the prescribed speaking test slot. At the waiting hall, after completing the formalities, candidate can speak with other candidates in English as this will make them relax and also encourage them and get them prepared for the interview. While for listening, reading and writing module, the candidate can hear some English transcripts or read some articles to get them out of fear and increase their confidence level. Prestige institute gives more advice for them above during their class hours.


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