Parts of Speech

Identify the sentence pattern:
1. I teach him English.
2. Tell me your name.
3. He is a kind person.
4. The boys are watching TV now.
5. Her dress is beautiful.
6. My father is a gold merchant.
7. He bought me a cup of coffee.
8. They are reading in the library.
9. The company has been very successful.
10. During the war, many people lost their loved ones.
11. India is a land of rich culture and heritage.
12. He gave me some chocolates.
13. Marlene had gone to the concert, but left early.
14. The members of the basketball team were all excited after the championship game.
15. My mother gave me new shoes.
16. Sam is a doctor by profession.
17. One member of the class sat on the floor and laughed.
18. My mother read me a story.
19. Our English teacher showed us a movie.
20. Mr. Suresh gave his son a hug.

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