Preparation plan for IELTS

Candidates must plan ahead for IELTS exam, as the eleventh hour preparation will never help them to score a higher band needed for them to get a PR or an admission seat from a well-established college. Therefore a preparation plan is a must from the day one they get enrolled to the course as apart from course work, they have to carry additional exercises to improve their English skill. For speaking, pronunciation and oral fluency is mandatory criteria with which a candidate will be assessed; and these two criteria need a long term strategy for practising. Similarly, writing needs grammar and vocabulary which also needs more time for preparing as they too cannot be read within a day or a week by a candidate for IELTS.
At Prestige institute, when a student gets enrolled, they have to sit for a basic test where they will be assessed with respect to many factors including their grammar, vocabulary and speaking skills such as content making and organising; a report will be generated as a result. From that result, candidates will be provided with a action plan for preparation towards the test, the days they needed and the topics are skills they should work on and develop. They even allocate time for grammar around four sessions for a beginner so that they can practice it well. Candidates who have underwent such training sessions with respect to the plans generated by institute have scored more than band 7 in all the four modules during the IELTS exam.


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