Tips for IELTS computer based test

Candidates prefer computer based IELTS because of the short time duration needed to receive the results which is five days where the paper based test takes a fortnight time in receiving the results. So following some tips which Prestige institute recommends will ensure that the candidate could score more than band seven in all the modules. Firstly, long time exposure to the computer should be trained for your eyes because during the exam, for more than two and half hours, you would be sitting before the computer straining your eyes. This will also have your brain draining as you have to think for answers, analyze them and scroll between pages. So a regular training for the IELTS computer based is mandatory for all the candidates for a week at the least.
Secondly, candidates must ensure time management as they won’t be checking the time regularly; this will result in the session being closed and unavailable for the candidates to give further inputs. For this, at Prestige institute special software has been designed which has been authorized both by IDP and by British council. Candidates who have been practicing with this software has scored more than band 8 in all modules as it helped them to make sure they stick to time and the way the computer based test works. This training comes with part of the IELTS course in which students can enroll and this software provides training for listening, writing and reading modules whereas speaking module is done only by face to face as even the main exam conducts so.


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