Tips for practicing IELTS speaking

Candidates while attending speaking module panic as they might be afraid of the one to one session. For this a lot of practice tests are to be attended by them during their course so that they can easily overcome the exam fear and getting nervous during the test and it is then they can reach a band score of nine. Few procedures as suggested by the Prestige Institute for IELTS are to be therefore to be followed for a success, they are described below. Examiners are trained to identify candidates who memorize the answers for each question, so this should be strictly avoided by the candidates. Avoid using unfamiliar words as there are chances of either pronouncing it wrongly or using it in a wrong context.
Try to use a range of vocabulary and grammar and try to rephrase the question and reduce the repetition of words used in the question while delivering the answer this will make the examiner not down that you are good in vocabulary and also understood the question as well. Try to concentrate on fluency and coherence, lexical resource, grammatical range and accuracy and finally pronunciation as these are the four marking criteria in speaking module for the examiner. Accent is not be worried about and you can take a short pause but try to reduce filters. Try to smile and also don’t maintain monotone, use intonations to make the speaking interesting. And finally try to practice some common topics and general ones which you come across in daily life and this will increase your flow in speaking.…

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