Tips for practicing IELTS writing

Candidates have to practice writing task 1 and writing task 2 well ahead before they even book for the test as the task two in writing has more marks than the writing task one which is same for both General writing and Academic writing. Here are few tips which the Prestige Institute for IELTS located in Puducherry suggests for the candidates who enroll for the course here. Firstly they should analyze whether the given statement in task one of general writing belongs to formal, informal or semi-formal as this sets the tone of the letter. Following this accuracy is to be considered when punctuation and spelling are taken into account as candidates might lose marks unknowingly in this as they might not look for it. Next, time is to be managed perfectly which the candidate can develop during the practice tests at Prestige Institute.
Building vocabulary plays a vital role in writing task as the examiner does not accept if the student repeats the same word many times in the essay, report and letter writing as well. And candidate can work on vocabulary for five to ten minutes before starting the writing by doing brain storming as it might help them during the flow and time management. Organizing ideas and grammar, are the backbone of the writing part and helps the candidates to increase their score to band eight. Finally try to give a glance or re-read the whole content after finishing the writing part and for this allot five minutes in the end for checking errors.


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