Training for Communication Skills

Communication is a process of sending and receiving information from one entity to another. This can be through signs, symbols and/or sounds. All living things interact with one another to survive. Animals use sounds and body language to communicate fear, danger, hunger, submission and domination. While we, humans use signs, symbols and speech to communicate thoughts, feeling and ideas to each other.
Training in communication helps in improving one’s communication skill. It requires mastery in the language. The one skilled in communication can accurately convey their ideas to others. The training involves exercises in listening, speaking, reading and writing
Communication is the key to the success of any and all relationships, be it personal or public. Improper communication leads to many misunderstandings which may cause devastating results sometimes. As Buddha said,
“Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill.”
Therefore it is very important that we ensure that our communication is flawless so that the right message is conveyed always. When we talk about communication skills there are four skills that we must master – listening, speaking, reading and writing. Out of these four skills the most used are the listening and speaking skills. These skills are always the first skills picked up by an individual when learning a language. To better explain this, we can look at our own childhood. Before we started speaking for the first time, we had already been listening to various sounds and words used by our parents and other member of our family. So naturally we picked up those sounds and words and started using them through imitation. As a result even without realizing we started to speak the language (native).
But learning to communicate in a foreign language can be a bit tricky. The main reason for this is that most of us are introduced to the language only when we enter school. So the teachers are the only source of exposure for the language if the language is not used at home at all. As a result we may be unable to effectively communicate in that language by the time we finish school. This inadequacy can be rectified by supplementary classes where efficient and experienced teachers can train students in the four skills of the language.
Prestige Language Institute offers training in communication skills to school children, college students and as well as job seekers and working professionals. Depending on the level, needs and requirements of the student our teachers customize the course plan and teaching strategies for the maximum benefit of the student.

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