Useful information on IELTS Exam

Difference between IELTS and PTE

PTE is a computer based test where all the four modules: Speaking, writing, reading and listening are conducted on the same day and all together with a ten minute of optional break between the last two modules. PTE has been emerging recently and have been an approved test for Australian PR from November 2017. PTE is scored between 0 – 90 for each individual module. Tests are conducted every day which can be even booked a day prior to the test. Results are usually sent within five days.

IELTS, on the other hand, the computer based test version of it is conducted only at Delhi IELTS test center, remaining centers do not conduct computer based tests. Tests are to be booked three weeks prior to the test date and the results are sent within a fortnight. Tests are conducted on two days where speaking alone is conducted on a separate day, reaming modules usually on Saturdays. IELTS are accepted by worldwide by all universities and for all countries` PR.


IELTS test centres

IELTS test centers are located throughout Tamilnadu Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai and Trichy. Both IDP and British Council have their test centers located at the above places. Confirmation of seat could only be done if test is booked before three weeks of the test date. Test venue will be notified by email, SMS and automated voice message a week before the main test.
Candidates should ensure timely arrival and should bring their passport original and Xerox as well to the venue as it is the only source of identification accepted by the IELTS. Main test such as listening, reading and writing will be conducted on Saturdays between 11.30 and 4:30. Whereas speaking will be conducted four days before or after the main test; out of which speaking date could be chosen by us if test is booked through IDP where not the same in British Council.

Arriving 15 minutes earlier to the venue for speaking will help you to relax and will provide ample time to prepare and practice as well. Registration and verification can also be made at ease. Transportation time to the venue should be estimated appropriately. During the main test, from 11:30 – you will allowed to enter the waiting area from where after 12:30 – verification will be started with your passports and biometric and retina scan as well. 13:00 Listening module will be started which will end by 13:40, from which reading and writing tests will be conducted with each one hour respectively.
Difference in writing task

Writing test is of two tasks. Task 1 is different for General and Academics; where the former will be writing a letter (formal, semi-formal and informal one); whereas the latter will be writing an academic report (bar, line graph or pie chart or even a flow diagram). Task 1 is for 150 words and to be completed within 20 minutes. Task 2 is an essay type and similar for both General and Academic where it is written for 250 word and for 40 minutes.

This essay will be of problem-causes –solution type or advantages-disadvantages type or agree-disagree type. Writing task 1 and task 2 will be assessed according to four criteria: task achievement, Grammar, Vocabulary and coherence. For each criteria specific training are delivered to the candidates where they excel themselves with our coaching. Normally students find it difficult to overcome the hurdles in these four criteria in addition with maintain the time frame as well. Frequent mock tests conducted by us; act as a backbone for them in achieving a band score of more than 7 in both General and Academic as well.


Grammar for IELTS

Grammar plays a vital role in two modules of IELTS such as Speaking and writing, where 25% of the overall score are dedicated to it. Grammar included: usage of different types of tenses and sentence structures; and usage of the above two without any errors. Most candidates switch to present tense and simple sentences whereas those who need a band of more than 7 should use past present and future tense along with simple, compound and complex sentences. Separate sessions to brush up the Basic English grammar for the candidates are held at this institute with proficient tutors. Mock tests are analyzed with grammar as one of the criteria and therefore candidates improvise in this to excel at the main exam.


Role of mock tests in IELTS preparation

Mock tests are conducted every Sundays to analyze the candidate’s proficiency in IELTS. The answers are interpreted and corrected as per the IELTS norms. Due to which, the candidates update themselves with the feedback provided and work on their mistakes by the training provided by us. The reasons for mistakes and solutions to overcome it are provided to them the very next day.
Attending mock tests frequently, at our institute- this is being conducted exactly as the same situation of how the main IELTS tests are conducted makes the candidate overcome the fear of test and to complete the test within the given time frame as well. Candidates also will be aware of their score in each module and work on to improvise it to achieve the required score for them.

Challenges in IELTS and tips to overcome

Plan ahead: provide one month training time before booking the test; follow the feedback from our institute tutors regarding the mock tests conducted. Complete all the practice materials provided by us in addition to the material provided by the IELTS after booking the test. Practice with the exact exam scenario and time constraint. Book the test after you feel confident and scoring the required score from our mock tests. Practice the materials provided from the IDP and British council webpages. Schedule the study plan and stick to it for success. Learn the tips and tricks provided by us for each module during the training sessions.


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