Difference between speaking and learning French

People often say that speaking and writing french are two different language. If you don’t know the difference you ll be lost. We may have noticed that writing French is quite different from speaking French. We might also feel that French is not spelled the way it sounds. Because of the homophones, e.g., foi, foie, and fois, which mean “faith”, “liver”, and “time”, and are not all the same gender.
In contrast to other Romance languages, French phonology has undergone drastic changes in the sounds of words as compared with its Latin parent forms, with the grammar and vocabulary of the modern language being extensively standardized in the 17th and 18th centuries. In addition to the rapid phonological changes as compared with its graphic representation, there are certain grammatical structures that are used mainly in writing and not in everyday speech. The good news is that you will get acquainted with the main differences between written French and spoken French in this article. After reading it, you will know how to avoid feeling like reading a book when you speak French, and be prepared to better understand spoken French.

Coming to speaking French it is much more easier when compared to writing because as soon as you get the rhythm you can become a pro in speaking . So if you want to speak French, you must train with audio . But not anything that is too fast for you to follow because the speed is essential, and should be adapted to your level .The next step is to work on your pronunciation, start memorizing common sentences and expressions this helps you in getting the courage to speak out loud. Once you have the pronunciation down only then, you can figure out the meaning of a word or two. Another easy way to practice speaking is to ask short questions on a text and answer them. This might be a great way to give you good training on question building, which is an essential part of conversation. Then you can start answering the questions and practice your speaking ability. Avoid linking the French and English word as much as possible. When you learn the word “le chien”, picture a dog in your head, and try to link the French word to this.
When compared to speaking writing is a bit difficult in French .This is because of the grammar part . Initially on learning French grammar the primary task is understanding the differences and to know why they are different by doing this you can easily understand and predict the sounds and spellings . However getting the grammatical rhythm is the key to success in learning French grammar . In order to succeed in learning grammar we have to learn some rules that might be different from the ones in our native language.

There are several parts which play an important role in forming a sentence which free from grammatical errors . These factors include tenses, nouns, articles , adjectives ,prepositions ,verbs ,pronouns and adverbs . These factors help in forming a complete structural sentence . At first we might feel like there is a lot of stuff to take in when learning French grammar . Lots of rules and regulations which we might find quite difficult in the beginning but it becomes a piece of cake when we pick up the flow of the language .

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