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British English Vs American English

American English is a very popular type of English language that is being originally spoken by the people of United States of America. It is one of the vastly used kinds of English in all over the world. It has its own pronunciations and meanings, different from the other popular kind, the British English. They vary from each other, in different aspects, namely - accents, vocabularies, spellings, grammar and diction. In few cases, the meanings are the same but the words and their spellings totally differ.

How to speak in in English confidently

Speaking confidently needs more practice and training, for which, attending the classes regularly will be of a great help. Fluent in speaking English will develop only if we have the confidence in doing so which in turn will be the result of studying at a reputed institute like Prestige. Prestige Language Institute, Pondicherry recommends the following strategies to follow in achieving English fluency, such as: Start practice by listening to English transcripts, by observing their pronunciation and try to repeat the sentences by imitating them.

Few tips on Official English communication

Making and receiving phone calls and e-mail as well needs some protocol to be followed so that it will be a formal and professional one and if it is informal call such as one made to our close circle – it would be very respectful for those on the other side. Starting from identifying yourself and maintaining the tone in your voice as well as in writing the e-mail till conveying and receiving complete information and ending the conversation, all needs some etiquette to be learnt and followed as it will leave us with complete professionalism.

Basics of English Language

Basic English course contains syllabus for beginners to step into their first phase of English language world, where they identify objects around them in English and learn the English alphabets along with their pronunciation as well. They are also taught about numbers and basic grammar rules of English so that they can develop a sentence of their own and could survive in an English speaking environment at ease by understanding Basic English words that they might come across in their routine life in their profession and any other public places.

Corporate Spoken English

Language is an important tool of communication. One needs to master the art of communication in order to gain success if he desires to attain success in any areas of life. Communication allows a person to convey his/her feelings, thoughts and ideas in a meaningful way. There are various types of communication – verbal and non - verbal. Verbal communication is nothing but speech. It is the most often used form of communication among people. Non – verbal communication includes gestures, body language and written language.

Presentation Skill Training

Even though one may be talented with the best communication skills and well knowledge, presenting oneself is the most important factor without which nothing can be conveyed and remarked properly. The body language, the right attitude and corresponding gestures are the things that every person must note themselves in whichever they participate. These are known as presentation skills and let us know more about its training. For kids, this is not an issue because they are small and childish. We cannot expect anything like standard presentation skills in them.

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