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Introduction to public speaking

Public Speaking has always been a very exquisite and astounding skill as it involves the act of giving out a well-structured speech to a live audience. This remarkable talent requires a lot of fluency and confidence to speak out something in large groups without any hesitation and fear. English has always been a strong bridge in connecting people across the globe as its usage has become very immense and vast. It makes the communication and sharing of thoughts very simple, despite the fact that the concerned persons might be having different native languages.

Basics of corporate grooming

Every organization in any corporate world is half dependent on the employees and their attires, due to the fact that they represent the standard and value of the company. Therefore, it is very important for the workers to be well groomed and to portray a professional image with respect to the organization’s vision and mission. Corporate grooming is the process of tuning oneself according to the company’s grades by working on their external appearances and communication methods.

English communication training

Communication skill is the foremost important and basic need of a person when compared to all other life skills. It is the essential part of a human being in transmitting his feelings, ideas, notions, and reasons. It acts as a bridge in connecting two peoples mentally by helping each other to understand the interests of one another. Non-verbal communication is about hearing what is not being said, through body language, personal attires and hand gestures.

Communication for business

Business Communication is a prime management skill that involves flowing of information in a persuasive method that is essential for a successful and beneficial organisation. It is an in-demand skill that aids in the betterment of the company. The method of sharing information within and outside the company in concern to the valuable purpose of the organisation.

Communication for career

In accordance with this contemporary world that we're living in, Communication acts as a prime key to success, regardless of whatever the line of career is. It plays a major role in escalating highly equipped individuals towards betterment in their respective fields of expertise, devoid of time. One can achieve greater heights and promotions in a short period of time, using profound communication skills as a ladder to climb all the way to the top. The more eloquent and influential the communication is - the more effective and convincing the response is.

British English Vs American English

American English is a very popular type of English language that is being originally spoken by the people of United States of America. It is one of the vastly used kinds of English in all over the world. It has its own pronunciations and meanings, different from the other popular kind, the British English. They vary from each other, in different aspects, namely - accents, vocabularies, spellings, grammar and diction. In few cases, the meanings are the same but the words and their spellings totally differ.

How to speak in in English confidently

Speaking confidently needs more practice and training, for which, attending the classes regularly will be of a great help. Fluent in speaking English will develop only if we have the confidence in doing so which in turn will be the result of studying at a reputed institute like Prestige. Prestige Language Institute, Pondicherry recommends the following strategies to follow in achieving English fluency, such as: Start practice by listening to English transcripts, by observing their pronunciation and try to repeat the sentences by imitating them.

Spoken English Classes in Pondicherry

Pondicherry has become a place where many spoken English classes emerge due to the foreseen academic competition among the school goers, whereas whether these institutions live up to the mark is a million dollar question. Because to attain the status of established institute in Pondicherry, needs to have seen a path of high standards in delivering education to the candidates and also having more number of students being successful after the course completion.

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