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Speaking strategy for an overall band 8

Fluency & coherence

You should be able to speak confidently and without hesitation when taking the speaking test, which primarily assesses the test-English taker's language fluency. If the test-taker can speak English fluently without stuttering, he or she will have a better chance of receiving an eight-band score on the speaking test.

Lexical resource

Writing strategy for an overall band 8

Task achievement / response

The ideas that you want to explain in your essay must be understandable by the examiner only then you will be able to get an 8 band score. If the test taker is excellent in English and is able to explain the ideas in detail he will definitely get band 8 in the exam and also you should write an essay of at least 150 words for task 1 and 250 words for task 2.

Coherence & Cohesion

IELTS reading basics and tips

On your Reading (Academic) test, there will be three sections, each with a single lengthy text.

These quotes are from a variety of sources, including books, periodicals, and newspapers. You don't need to be an expert to respond because they typically focus on topics of widespread interest. These passages can be factual and descriptive, analytical, or contentious. They might also have visual elements, such as graphs, diagrams, or images.

Three sections make up your reading test (general training).

IELTS score requirement

IELTS has become mandatory for the candidates who wish to enroll for their under graduation and post graduations studies at reputed universities in western countries. These universities demand high caliber students who are excellent in English speaking and therefore make the eligibility criteria above band seven overall. Few universities like Oxford demand a score of band 8 for few courses in all the four modules of the IELTS.

Tips for practicing IELTS speaking

Candidates while attending speaking module panic as they might be afraid of the one to one session. For this a lot of practice tests are to be attended by them during their course so that they can easily overcome the exam fear and getting nervous during the test and it is then they can reach a band score of nine. Few procedures as suggested by the Prestige Institute for IELTS are to be therefore to be followed for a success, they are described below.

Tips for practicing IELTS writing

Candidates have to practice writing task 1 and writing task 2 well ahead before they even book for the test as the task two in writing has more marks than the writing task one which is same for both General writing and Academic writing. Here are few tips which the Prestige Institute for IELTS located in Puducherry suggests for the candidates who enroll for the course here. Firstly they should analyze whether the given statement in task one of general writing belongs to formal, informal or semi-formal as this sets the tone of the letter.

IELTS online training vs classroom training

Every day candidates who enroll to the IELTS training always have a dilemma on to which kind of training suits them. Usually candidates can enroll to any kind of training depending upon the place where they are located from the institute. Few Candidates who are in Middle east like UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and countries like Singapore, Malaysia prefer online IELTS training with the Prestige coaching institute due to the fees structure and the success results of the institute where more candidates score more than band 8.

Advantages and difficulties of online IELTS training

There are more advantages and challenges faced by the candidates during the online training sessions of IELTS. Since the candidate need not travel from far places and avoid the travel time, money spent on it, they mostly opt for online coaching. Candidates’ especially during this pandemic time feel that it will be safest on their side if they don’t attend classes where there is a huge gathering and following which they intend to maintain social distancing.

IELTS general and academic training online

Candidates, especially those who are office goers and students who are very far from the reputed IELTS institutes like Prestige mostly prefer for online coaching of General and Academic training as they can cut the time and cost needed for travel. At this Prestige Institute, online class are held regularly at the convenience of the candidate by fixing prior appointment with the tutor who will be handling classes through skype of any other virtual classroom packages.

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