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Developing reading skills & vocabulary in English

Reading is a primary and basic need to reach any subject and developing reading habit is very essential in child and in adults too.Spoken English classes may not concentrate on reading skills and vocabulry. However one has to nurture reading habits and acquire indomitable vocabulary by their own. Though we know that everyone know to read to a certain extent, but each individual have different level of reading and their own difficulties they would be trying to overcome.

Training for Communication Skills

Communication is a process of sending and receiving information from one entity to another. This can be through signs, symbols and/or sounds. All living things interact with one another to survive. Animals use sounds and body language to communicate fear, danger, hunger, submission and domination. While we, humans use signs, symbols and speech to communicate thoughts, feeling and ideas to each other.

Language Classes for American English

You would have heard the dialog in some Indian comedies, stating ‘I think she is talking British English’. Yes, there are two different types of English language they are British and American English. By the way, the slang of the language differs person by person but the two uses the same sort of slangs. Then you may think, in which manner they both are different? For anyone who is ambitious of moving to outside country where English is involved, you must know which one you are using. Basically, every professionally connected person must know the kind of they are word they are using.

Communication Skill

Communication is the process in which people convey their thoughts, feelings and ideas with each other and language is the key to all communication. Improving one’s communication skill requires proficiency in the language. The one skilled in communication can accurately convey their ideas to others. An effective communication is not about just using tough vocabulary and makes the audience clueless.

Business Communication

English has become a medium of communication in the world of business for both native and non-native speakers. Business communication is a specialized section of English learning and training. It involves vocabulary used in business communication like emails, presentations, conferences, report writing, etc. It not only helps an individual to effectively make negotiations in the business transactions but also helps inculcating good relations and morale.

American English

English is one of the many world languages. Though it originated in the United Kingdom, it has been adopted as a native language of many other countries. One such country that uses English as its native language is the United States of America. Their dialect has a wide range of words that differ in their meaning and pronunciation from those of British English. For example, British English: deck of cards; American English: pack of cards.

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